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"My Name Is Eve and I Was Deceived" is the long awaited book of inspired events from the life of Vincetta Denise Williams. Overcoming life challenges evolved into a must share mandate from God. Imagine being able to see greatness in your FUTURE, yet deceived daily in the PRESENT, and taunted by disappointments of your PAST? Williams thought her life had no meaning after a series of missed opportunities, heartbreak, shattered dreams, and an abusive marriage of 10-years. Living a self-sacrificial life that pleased others led her down an involuntary path of depression. However, refusing to let go of God's spoken word over her life and his promise that she would impact the masses; she persevered through cycles of hell on earth. Williams communicates her story to the world that failure is not final! She hopes that every reader will be delivered and empowered to know the liberties of a loving God and that He is Faithful!

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